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Events and updates
Bruce Power Beach Party! (Posted 06-09-09)

The Kinetic Knights will be attending the annual beach party hosted by our sponsor Bruce Power. We will be demonstrating our robot as well as letting the public drive the robot around.

The beach party takes place at Station Beach in Kincardine at 6PM on Saturday, July 18, 2009.
Living Snow Fence Project (Posted 05-09-09)

The Kinetic Knights planting trees for the Living Snow Fence projectThe Kinetic Knights continue to give back to the community while participating in the Living Snow Fence Project, put on by Bruce Power, on May 9th 2009, for the sixth year in a row. The team began planting trees along Highway 21 at 8:30 am, along with other volunteers of the community. Even though it began to hail at 10 o'clock, everyone carried on through the rain and the mud to complete this project. Team 781 and others finished planting at about 11:00 am, with about 800 trees planted!

This effort is very important to the area because Highway 21 is a hazard to all drivers during the winter season. This living snow fence of trees acts as a barrier, naturally preventing snow from blowing onto the road during stormy weather and making this highway safer for the community.

The team planting trees was featured on Global News and the Weather Network. See these videos on our Youtube Channel.
Garbage Pickup & Upcoming Events (Posted 04-21-09)

The Kinetic Knights and some garbageThe Kinetic Knights are keeping busy following the completion of their build and competition season. Several students attended the annual Ward 1 landfill cleanup in Kincardine on April 18. Along with a group of volunteers, they helped to collect around 40 bags of garbage that would otherwise have been left to blow around the perimeter of the dump. Their effort was well worth it, with pictures in our gallery showing the dramatic difference in the hillside.

The team will be attending the annual Living Snow Fence project on May 9 for the sixth year in a row. The team will be planting trees to stop blowing snow and thus make our highways safer. We hope to see you there.
Greater Toronto Regional Results (Posted 04-03-09)

The Kinetic Knights are back from the Greater Toronto Regional which took place at the Hershey Centre! We were allied with 1310 Runnymede Robotics and 1547 Where's Waldo? as the eighth seed alliance in the elimination round. Our alliance fought a tough battle, but we were knocked out in the quarter finals by the first seeded alliance.

Two of our members generously donated their time to help 1244 Viking Robotics, a team who had only two members at the competition due to illness. Our members had a wonderful experience with Team 1244 and our assistance was noted when we were awarded with the Johnson & Johnson Gracious Professionalism Award. Read about this in the newspaper? Also, one of our robot operators, Stewart, was appointed Star of the Day by the Safety Advisors for his oustanding awareness for safety at the tournament.

Congratulations to Dean Weisensel winner of the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award, 2056 OP Patriotics, 1114 Simbotics, and 2185 ECI Robotics, Champions of the event, 1114 Simbotics on your Chairman's Award, 1535 The Knights of Alloy on your Engineering Inspiration Award, and 2809 K-Botics on your Rookie All Star Award. Good Luck to all of you in Atlanta.

Our photo gallery has been updated with new content from the Greater Toronto Regional!
Get Ready: Greater Toronto Regional! (Posted 03-25-09)

The Greater Toronto Regional FIRST robotics competition will be held in Mississauga, Ontario on March 26 and March 27. On those dates you can see the live webcast at the Discovery Channel's website or visit the Hershey Centre to see the actual competition! Directions to the Hershey Centre can be found here at their website.

Look for us, the Kinetic Knights, at the competition! Ask, and we will give you some free Team 781 buttons that you can collect! (:
Waterloo Regional Results (Posted 03-21-09)

Team photo at WaterlooAllied with 2200 MMRambotics and 1334 Red Devils, the Knights came in second place at the Waterloo Regional! They brought home the Website Award, the Chrysler Team Spirit Award, Waterloo Regional Finalist, and a safety kit (won at a raffle hosted by 1141 TAS Mega Watts). Videos of our matches have been added to our YouTube Channel and photos have been added to our gallery. See all match results and awards handed out at Waterloo?

Thank you to our fantastic alliance, both of you helped form us into a contender and without either one of you, our chances of reaching the finals would have been drastically lower.

Congratulations to Tristan Lall winner of the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award, 2609 Beaver Worx, 2056 OP Patriotics, and 2185 ECI Robotics, Champions of the event, 1305 Near North Student Robotics Initiative on your Chairman's Award, 1334 Red Devils on your Engineering Inspiration Award, and 2702 on your Rookie All Star Award. Good Luck to all of you in Atlanta.

The next tournament we will be heading to is the Greater Toronto Regional from March 26-28, 2009. Read more about tournaments?
Calling All Members and Alumni! (Posted 03-15-09)

Hello, all Team 781 Alumni and Members! Dean Kamen would like to build a database of alumni and current members. To complete Dean's homework, all you have to do is register at http://firstcommunity.usfirst.org/!

*NOTE: Our team address is our school address.

To read more about Dean's homework, go to the official page.

If you know any alumni on this list, please tell them about this too. (: