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2012 Robot

FRC Team 781 Robot for Rumble Competition

Robot Description:

Drive train:
Welded 2x1 box aluminum frame
CNC Lexan belly pan
6-wheel drive, 6" AndyMark wheels
Polycord drives the outside wheels with custom designed 5.5" sheaves from the directly driven center wheels
Powered by 4 CIMs through two AndyMark super shifters giving us two speeds (4fps and 15fps)

Four 8" FIRST wheels
Powered by 2 fisher price 673 motors through a AndyMark planetary gearbox and 1 stage of a GEM500
20mm extrusion frame

Powered by a Bane bots 550 into a 64:1 reduction and two AndyMark 9015 motors also into a 64:1 reduction
4 1/4" polycord belts bring the balls up the turret capable of holding 3 balls at a time
20mm extrusion frame

Powered by a single window motor and a scooter wheel
Uses a 17-3/8" ball bearing for a smooth rotation
Capable of 360° of rotation but restricted to about 90°

Beaver Teeth:
Pneumatically actuated
Uses kit of parts compressor
Adds the ability to go over the bump and ramp

Featuring for our first time a drop in electrical panel

Conveyers: Uses encoders to calculate distance traveled
Turret: A Potentiometer is used for aiming the shooter
Shooter: Encoders are used to calculate rpm to aid in shooting
PhotoSensors:Used on the loading part of the shooter. When certain PhotoSensors are tripped the corresponding conveyer belt will turn off so ball will not get shot out prematurely and to get around the need for a storage spot for our balls when we are not shooting. By doing this we are also able to shoot balls out of our robot faster as ball are already preloaded.
Potentiometer:Used on the Turret to keep track of how much the turret has turned. Limits have been programmed in to keep the operator from rotating the turret too far and breaking important electrical wires for other sensors on the turret
Encoders:Used to calculate the RPM of the shooter wheels. by doing this we are able to maintain a more consistent shooter speed and power
Camera:Used to track the basket ball nets. Lines the Turret up with the middle basket ball net
UltraSonic: Used to calculate the distance between the robot and the backboards. so our program has a better idea of how much power should be given to the shooter in automatic shoot mode.
Gyro: An additional sensor used to line the turret up with the basket ball net


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