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2009 Challenge

The 2009 season has been dubbed "Lunacy", and rightly so. "Lunacy" is madness, with a derivative from the French word "lune", which means moon. To commemorate NASA's 40th anniversary of landing the first man on the moon, "Lunacy" is designed to simulate the one-sixth of Earth's gravity environment of the moon. Equipped with slippery wheels and a trailer, the robots move around in order to collect "Orbit Balls", which come in three categories; moon rocks and empty cells, worth two points; and super cells, worth 15 points. Robots are grouped in alliances of three to dump as many "Orbit Balls" into their competitor's trailers as possible.

This year's game is interactive. Along with two drivers, human players are stationed around the arena to score and trade in empty cells for super cells. The robots are in autonomous mode for the first 15 seconds of the match. The remaining two minutes are player-controlled. Points are tallied by the amount of balls in the competitor's trailers.

The trailers begin empty, but team members may load their robot with up to seven moon rocks before the match begins. Human players have 20 moon rocks available for scoring, including the seven in the robot. The quantity of super cells and empty cells depends on the outcome of the team's previous match. In the initial match the team starts off with four empty cells and two super cells.


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