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Not FIRST® Lego-League, not FIRST® Robotics Competition, but FTC... FIRST® Tech Challenge! Similar in many ways, but yet so different! FTC is for students to want a more competitive feel to Robotics tournaments, competing head to head with a sports replicated scenario. With a maximum of ten members per team, students must first design, then build, and then program their robot. During competitions, you must form alliances with other teams and battle it out with the opposing alliance. The kit that is received to build the robot can be re-used every year, which makes FTC much cheaper than FRC. Unique strategy's are developed for the tournaments. Many awards are also achievable, making many more aspects to FTC teams.

FTC is more popular in the United States than it is in Canada. There are no FTC teams currently in our area because our school does not have enough students to have an FRC and FTC team.

This Year's Game
This year’s game for FTC is Bowled Over! It is played on a diamond-shaped field that is 12’x12’. The two alliances- one known as “red” and the other “blue”- are made up of two teams each. Each match is has a 30 second autonomous period and a following two-minute driver controlled period.
To win, simply score more points that the opposing alliance. This is done by scoring racquet balls into crates then, by stacking the crates, you can earn bonus points! Each team will be challenged with given tasks during autonomous and driver controlled periods. Completing these tasks will earn extra points. Alliances will also get the chance to score special racquet balls as well as six pound bowling balls for more additional points.

Check out the 2012 Bowled Over Game Video, and from 9:24 to 9:34 you can also see our 2011 robot and team captain as they competed with our alliance in St. Louis last year.


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