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Website Update

As you may have notice this blog and several other things on this website are somewhat outdated and need to be upgraded. We are are, however, working behind the scenes to get our website ready for the 2013 season and will hopefully unveil it within next couple months.

Our contacts page has been updated to our new captains and the FIRST Canada Yearbook page will be kept up to date as well. For the latest news from our team be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter until we get this site back to it's award-winning self again.

Thanks for your patience
2013 Kinetic Knight Webmaster


2012/2013 Election Results

Last night the team voted for next season leadership roles and we are pleased to announce our new captains and team leads. Similar to the structure of the last two years, the team will be lead by two co-captains, Admin and Build with several student leads under them, focusing on more specific aspect of the team. Starting now and throughout the summer the previous captains/leads will work with the new students for a smooth hand over of the positions.

The results are as followed:
Admin Captain- Aayushi
Build Captain- Bradley
Safety Captain- Brendan
Design & Strategy- James
Drivetrain- Luke
Attachment- James
Electrical- Dani
Programming- Ervin
Scouting– Greg R
Vex- Kalvin
Communications- Kush
Fundraising- Sarah
Sponsorship- Alden
Treasurer- Munaza
Trip Planner- Daniel
P/R- Greg D
Webmaster- Tawny
FLL- Sara
Awards- Mickey
Outreach- Logan
Imagery- Darby
Innovation- Luke


BWD School Board Meeting

After returning from World Championship for the 2nd year in a row, the Kinetic Knights were invited to present at Bluewater District School Board meeting on May 15 as part of the Excellence in Education section. Board trustees and members were not only given the opportunity to learn about FIRST Robotics and our team but also the chance to drive the 2012 Rebound Rumble robot.
We hope that this meeting will create a stronger partnership with our school board but also to spark the interest of new teams in our area.

You can watch Janelle, Tawny, James, Mr. K, and Mr. DeKraker at the board meeting starting at 7:40.


Kincardine Home & Garden Show

The Kinetic Knights spent the weekend at the Kincardine Home & Garden Show, an annual event attended by hundreds each year. The Knights found this the perfect opportunity to connect with sponsors, create new partnership and reach a different audience then we usually get at our summer event.

Team 781 would like to thank the Home & Garden Show volunteers and the Kincardine Skating Club for providing us with the space this weekend.


World Championship 2012

The Kinetic Knights have returned home for the 2nd year in the row from the FIRST World Championships in St. Louis, bringing back new memories and achievements. The Knights departed on Tuesday from Kincardine, and were happy to get off the bus after the 14-hour bus ride to explore St. Louis and take in the nice weather.
After a brief period of practice matches on Thursday, Team 781 started off the qualification matches by pulling a nice co-op balance with fellow Canadian team, 2056. The team was even ranked 1st seed out of the 100 teams in the Archimedes division for period, but eventually ended the day in 6th seed.
After the crazy night spent at RoboProm, hosted by Team 399, the Kinetic Knights were ready for the remaining qualification matches on Friday and Saturday morning. After jumping around the standing board, we eventually finished with a record of 6-5-0, which placed us in the 4th seeded position, a great accomplishment after our 34th seed last year. Not only did this mean we were guaranteed to play in the elimination rounds, but also that we were the 4th alliance captains.
Team 781 selected Team 2949, pwnage from Batavia, IL and Team 109, Gompei and the H.E.R.D. from Worcester, MA. After a tough lost to the 5th alliance consisting of teams 3481, 359, and 234, our alliance came back strong with a crazy 7-ball hybrid period, earning us 42 points but unfortunately our alliance fell short by one point with a score of 85-86.
Although our run at Champs was over, we stuck around to cheer along fellow Canadian teams 2056 from Stoney Creek, 1114 from St. Catherines and 4334, the rookie stars from Calgary, Alberta as they triple balanced all their way to win the Archimedes division and became known as the “Eh Canada” alliance on the Einstein field. We also got to watch Team 1114; Simbotics receive the Championship Chairmans Award, the first Canadian team to ever be awarded with this honour.
The Kinetic Knights would to congratulate the new world champs, Team 25, Raider Robotix, Team 180, S.P.A.M., and Team 16, Bomb Squad.
Although official tournaments are now over, the team will complete with the 2012 robot one last time at the Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI) at the end of July.

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