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FIRST Championship: Hopper Subdivision, Newton Division

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Watch the Kinetic Knights collect litter and stack recyle bins on totes in at the FRC Championship in St. Louis, Missouri:
Hopper Subdivision streamed by NASA. Or, you can view other streams.

See a video feed, match results and rankings all on one page! Tell it 781 and a chat name. Thank Charger Robotics in Wisconsin for this great tool!


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View Einstein Field (Final Playoffs) Ranking


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View Championship Awards

View Hopper Subdivision Awards

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All awards are handed out on the final day of the event. They are handed out in different categories: subdivision, division and whole-event.
Championship Awards are handed out in the closing ceremonies, at TBA. Team 781 could be the Championship Winner, but we do not qualify to win the Chairman's Award this year. Pat O'Cain also qualifies for becoming a Championship Woodie Flowers Award Finalist.
Subdivision awards are handed out during Subdivision playoffs, at TBA. Make sure to look at the right Subdivision!
Division awards are handed out after Subdivision playoffs, at TBA. Make sure to look at the right Division!


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Recyle Rush - 2015 FIRST® Robotics Competition Game


Experience the excitement live!

Edward Jones Dome
901 N Broadway
St. Louis, MO 63101
Follow the signs to parking and the competition
FREE admission