Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Being part of a robotics team is an experience unlike any other. Besides the expected math, physics, engineering and programming to which students are exposed, our team highly values teaching administrative skills such as writing and public speaking. We are proud of the well-rounded teenagers that make up our team.

Having students excel in leadership is what keeps our team running. Senior students are the ones who train our rookies in all aspects of the team, both in build and admin, all while under the watchful eyes and with backup assistance from our adult mentors.

Here are just a few things members can learn and work on as part of the Kinetic Knights:

  • Programming
  • Physics
  • Drafting
  • Machine Working
  • Making and managing a budget
  • Welding
  • Electrical
  • Public Speaking
  • Public Relations
  • Presentations
  • Writing
  • Web Programming
  • Photography


How to Join


The Kinetic Knights Robotics Team is open to any youth from the Municipality of Kincardine who attends high school (aged 14-19). We meet at various places around the community, so the best way to get involved is by contacting one of our captains or mentors. Our team runs all year long, including the summer, but new students usually join in September.

Kinetic Knights Membership Registration Form (pdf)

Register in the FIRST Robotics Youth Team Member System

Kinetic Knights - A Simple Green Shirt (pdf)

Guidance for High School FIRST Robotics Team Members (Youtube)

Kinetic Knights Policy on Sexual Haraassment (pdf)

Kinetic Knights Waiver and Release of Liability Form (pdf)



As a student lead team, mentors are there to guide, assist and be sure that everything is done safely. Mentors come from all over the community; Bruce Power Employees, parents, team alumni and even just people who love helping out. Even if you are not experienced in the "build" side, we are always looking for help with our administrative side. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, contact our captains or mentors.

Kinetic Knights - Interested in Making a Difference? (pdf)

Kinetic Knights - It's Not About the Robot (pdf)

Kinetic Knights Policy on Adult Volunteers and Mentors (pdf)

Register in the FIRST Robotics Team Information Member System

Kinetic Knights Policy on Sexual Haraassment (pdf)

Kinetic Knights Waiver and Release of Liability Form (pdf)

There is an annual membership fee of $25.00.


Why Join the Kinetic Knights?

The Kinetic Knights Robotics Team is an internationally recognizable team in the FIRST Robotics community. Although we may be from a small town, our team is able to compete at a very high standard and our awards and achievements are there to prove it. Apart from the valuable skills and assets as listed above mention, team member also:

  • Are eligible for scholarships
  • Are able to build a great resume for post-secondary and jobs
  • Meet students from different schools who share similar interest
  • Meet with industry professionals
  • Create friendships that will last a lifetime