2015 Challenge

NAME: Recycle Rush

OBJECT OF THE GAME: Robots must work together to carry, and stack totes, bins and litter (pool noodles).


Recycle Rush is played with two alliances; red vs blue, with three teams making up each alliance. The playing area is on a flat 27ft x 54ft field with matches lasting two minutes and thirty seconds. The field consists of two zones: red and blue. An approximately one foot high step is located in the center of the field. Teams gain points by stacking totes (up to six) and putting a recycle bin on top of the stack, if you want. Six bonus points are awarded if one can put some litter (a pool noodle) in the bin.

The matches begin with an autonomous period of 15 seconds which is followed by a teleoperated period, meaning that teams are allowed to take control of their robots. Recycle Rush is a great challenge that requires strategy, skill, and teamwork in order to suceed. May the best robots win! 


Game Animation: