Team History

2015 Team

Build Captain: Greg R
Admin Captain: Darby
Robot Driver: Greg D
Robot Attachment Controller: Jed/Matt
Coach: Greg R
Human Player: Chris
Chairman's Presenters: Darby, Alex and Priya
FRC Challenge: Recycle Rush
Robot Name: L.C.
Overall Record: Average Qualifying Score (QA) of 78.88 and an Average Playoff Score (PA) of 74.25



Major Accomplishments:

  • Pat O'Cain was a Woodie Flowers Finalist Award Winner at GTR East
  • Engineering Inspiration Award Winner at North Bay


Greater Toronto East Regional
  • Ranked 8th out of 47 Teams
  • QA of 45.82 and PA of 37.00
  • 6th Alliance Captain
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 4476 and 3387
  • Quarter-Finalists
North Bay Regional
  • Ranked 19th out of 36 Teams
  • QA of 65.73 and PA of 111.50
  • 2nd pick by 7th Alliance
  • Alliance Partners: Teams 4476 and 2609
  • Quarter-Finalists

World Championship

Hopper Division
  • Ranked 28th out of 76 Teams
  • QA of 129.7
  • Not picked for playoffs

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