Team Safety

Like our founding donor, Bruce Power, Team 781's number-one value is safety.

To our team, safety is about ensuring that every team member is aware of their surroundings and is able to recognize and react to potential hazards at competitions, in the shop, and even at Outreach events.



Safety Awards

Not only has Team 781 been the recipient of three FRC Regional Safety Awards, but we also worked with Bruce Power to put the FIRST Safety Program in place at all FRC Regionals in North America.


Safety Stars

At previous regional competitions, two members of our team have been awarded Star of the Day Awards for their quick actions that resulted in a safer working environment for themselves and others around them in the pits.


We have taken many measures to minimize the risk of injuries and to better deal with any injuries that do occur. Here are just a few ways Team 781 shows our commitment, by implementing Safety through education, protection, and outreach:



First Aid Training

At the beginning of every fall off-season, our Safety Captain organizes First Aid training for new as well as existing team members. This season, 82% of our students are trained and certified in Emergency First Aid with CPR Level A. By making this training an annual event for the team, we solidify our safety values and how important it is to be prepared in the case of emergency situations.


Tool/Shop Training

In the fall of 2011, as the team increased in size, there were some rookie members who did not have the knowledge of shop tools or the experience in using them. As a result, the team decided to hold detailed tool safety training nights, where one of our mentors went over everything from the correct way to use simple hand tools to how to safely operate electrical and large power tools. We made sure to record every session, and these videos are available in our Safety Resources section on the website.

In general, prior to every build season, our Safety Captain, Build Captain, and a mentor organize safety training sessions for the team. We are informed about basic safety awareness and how to operate shop tools. This season, it was mandatory for all build team members to attend these sessions, as they would then have to perform a test, which they had to pass in order to be allowed to work at our build site.


Lifting Procedure

Team 781 believes that the Three Man Lift is the safest way to lift a robot and that it should become the new standard in FIRST, not just an option. We ensure this lifting process is well rehearsed and practiced by the build team and pit crew throughout not only the build season, but also during competitions and robot demonstrations in the community.

Lifting the robot at a competition


Safety Signs & Pre-Event Briefing

Our safety rules have been combined into posters and placed at our build site so team members can easily remind themselves of our safety measures. In addition to having posters, we have signs that indicate that safety glasses must be worn beyond specific taped areas, such as around machinery and our electrical table. As a way to keep improving, in 2012 the team began to hold pre-event briefings before any of our outreach events. The briefing allows us to stay organized and make sure our robot demonstration area is safe for public viewing.



Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

The team's three basic PPE items include:

  1. Safety Glasses
  2. Gloves
  3. Hearing Protection

Safety Equipment

The team always has safety equipment at our build site in the event of an emergency. We keep two First Aid kits, a battery spill kit, and a fire extinguisher as well as plenty of safety glasses, gloves, earplugs, and hair ties for members with long hair. We also keep a broom, vacuum, and a small step ladder handy; all of which get used quite often at competitions by ourselves and other teams.



IAPA Safety Conference

In May 2010, members of Team 781 travelled to Toronto to be part of Bruce Power's presentation at the Industrial Accident Prevention Association's (IAPA) Annual Partners in Prevention Conference. As a health and safety conference for all of Ontario's workplaces, the IAPA Partners in Prevention conference gave the Kinetic Knights a chance to display and talk about FIRST and Bruce Power's commitment to safety to over 400 health and safety specialists, plant managers, human resources, and wellness professionals. Visitors were even given the opportunity to drive the 2007 FRC robot, adding a little fun to everyone's day.


Bruce Power Safe Communities Children's Safety Festival

Team 781 takes every opportunity to share our safety values with others. We have attended this local Safety Festival for several years now, and every year we reach out to approximately 1 500 youth about what safety means to us and give them a chance to drive our robot.


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