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This website was created for the purpose of sharing information related to the FIRST program with our community. It is also a resource for fellow FIRST Robotics competitors who are interested in our team!

This website was designed by Kinetic Knights student Tawny Robinson and is managed completely by current Team 781 students. Alumni David Courtney and Andrew Poulsen designed our logos.


Web Team Members

Web Lead: Brendan Arciszewski
Web Team: Darby, Julia, James, Meagan
Photographer: Mickey, Julia
Web Mentors: Michelle




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Best Website Awards

A Best Website award is given to the best website at a specific regional or championship event.

2009 Best Website Award 2010 Best Website Award 2011 Best Website at GTR West 2011 Best Website at Buckeye

Website Excellence Awards

The Website Excellence Award is given to all websites that pass the FIRST standard in website content, maintenance, and design. Websites must score at least 80% to achieve this award.

2009 Website Excellence Award 2010 Website Excellence Award 2011 Website Excellence Award

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