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Kinetic Knights in the Media

Since 2002, the Kinetic Knights have been making a big impact on our little community of Kincardine, and people have taken notice. Check out our growing list of local and national news paper articles, television news segments, and the radio!



Kinetic Knight brings hope for robotics program to Cuba Kincardine News; August 18, 2015 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights end season by thanking sponsors, presenting awards The Kincardine Record; June 10, 2015 (Online Article)
Grey-Bruce students test technology Owen Sound Sun Times; May 22, 2015 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights compete at FIRST world championships in St. Louis, Missouri The Kincardine Record; May 2, 2015 (Online Article)
Bruce Power donates $15,000 to help Kinetic Knights get to FIRST world championships The Kincardine Record; April 22, 2015 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights Bottle Drive raises almost $540 The Kincardine Record; April 19, 2015 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights fundraising to send team to St. Louis after qualifying for world championships Kincardine News; April 6, 2015 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights showcase robotics at Bruce County Museum and Cultural Centre The Kincardine Record; March 23, 2015 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights win Gracious Professionalism award at Oshawa regional The Kincardine Record; March 17, 2015 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights mentor Pat O'Cain receives Woodie Flowers award at Oshawa regional The Kincardine Record; March 14, 2015 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights Robotics team unveils 2015 robot, "L.C." The Kincardine Record; February 28, 2015 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights unveiled their newest robot at their annual open house Kincardine News; February 23, 2015 (Online Article)
Kincardine Fortunate to have Kinetic Knights Kincardine News; January 8, 2015 (PDF)
Kinetic Knights to design robot to take on "Recycle Rush" Kincardine News; January 5, 2015 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights ready to take on the 2015 FIRST challenge, "Recycle Rush" The Kincardine Record; January 4, 2015 (Online Article)




Workforce Focus Four County Labour Market Planning Board; October 28, 2014 (Introduction to Audio + Audio)
Dog Lovers Days In Kincardine Blackburn News; June 22, 2014 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights Robotics team hosts thank-you dinner for sponsors, mentors and families Saugeen Times; June 16, 2014 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights are division semi-finalists at FIRST world championships Saugeen Times; May 4, 2014 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights Preparing For World Championships The Kincardine Independent; April 23, 2014 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights robotics team wins Chairman's Award at GTR East regional Saugeen Times; March 10, 2014 (Online Article)
Kincardine's Kinetic Knights Team 781 robotics team ready for upcoming FIRST Robotics Competition season Kincardine News; March 6, 2014 (Online Article)
Kincardine Kinetic Knights Team 781 robot to tackle 'Aerial Assist' mission Kincardine News; January 10, 2014 (Online Article)



Robotics 781 Helps Penetangore Watershed Group Kincardine Helps; May 8, 2013 (Online Article)
KDSS Kinetic Knights looking forward to tackling ‘Ultimate Ascent’ Lucknow Sentinel; January 8, 2013 (Online Article)
Kincardine Kinetic Knights kick off 2013 at Bruce Power Visitors’ Centre Bruce Power Community Blog; January 7, 2013 (Online Article)



KDSS robotics team... world championship Kincardine News; May 8, 2012 (Online Article)
Gr-eight finish for KDSS in St. Louis Kincardine Independent; May 2, 2012 (Online Article)
KDSS Kinetic Knights finish fourth in their division at worlds Kincardine Times; May 1, 2012 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights barbecue Saturday Kincardine Independent; April 18, 2012 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights hosting BBQ fund-raiser Kincardine Time; April 12, 2012 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights earn way to world championship Bruce Power Community Blog; April 12, 2012 (Online Article)
Students Heading Back to World Robotics Championship CTV London; April 12, 2012 (Online Article) (Video)
KDSS Robotics Team wins big in Ohio Bluewater District School Board; April 11, 2012 (Online Article)
Another whirl at the Worlds! Kinetic Knights shine in Ohio Kincardine Independent; April 11, 2012 (Online Article) (Scan)
KDSS Kinetic Knights gearing up for ... competition in St. Louis, Missouri Kincardine Times; April 10, 2012 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights off to Worlds 98 the Beach; April 10, 2012 (Online Article)
KDSS Kinetic Knights headed for world championships after win in Cincinnati Kincardine Times; April 8, 2012 (Online Article)
KDSS Kinetic Knights at Queen City Regional in Cincinnati, Ohio Kincardine Times; April 5, 2012 (Online Article)
KDSS student honoured with FIRST Dean's List Award Kincardine News; March 27, 2012 (Online Article) (Scan)
Kinetic Knights take part in Waterloo robotics event Kincardine News; March 27, 2012 (Online Article) (Scan)
KDSS Kinetic Knights make it to semi-finals at Waterloo Regional Kincardine Times; March 25, 2012 (Online Article)
KDSS Kinetic Knights unveil new robot Kincardine Times; February 20, 2012 (Online Article)
Bruce Power hosts kick-off for FIRST Robotics Challenge
Kincardine Times; January 8, 2012 (Online Article)



Lake Huron Learning Centre holds grand opening event Kincardine News; December 6, 2011 (Online Article)(Scan)
Kincardine Relay for Life Kincardine Times, August 14, 2011 (Online Article)
Trudeau recognizes youth engagement missed in politics Kincardine News, June 14, 2011 (Scan)
Justin Trudeau visits with KDSS Kinetic Knights Kincardine Times; June 10, 2011 (Online Article
Enbridge's Community Grant Kincardine News; May 17, 2011 (Scan)
Living Snow Fence Kincardine News; May 17, 2011 (Scan)
2nd Place at World Championships! Bluewater District School Board; May 17, 2011 (Online Article)
Knights Robot Wins Second Bayshore Broadcasting News Centre; May 12, 2011 (Online Article)
Springtime Fix for a Winter Problem The Weather Network- Living Snow Fence; May 7, 2011 (Online Article) (Video)
Second in the World Kincardine Independent; May 4, 2011 (Online Article)
Team 781 is FIRST world finalist Kincardine News; May 3, 2011 (Online Article)
Midwestern Ontario Home to One of the Best Robotics Teams A Channel News; May 3, 2011 (Video)
Kincardine Robotics Make World Finals 101.7 The One; May 2, 2011 (Online Article)
Kincardine Robotics Make World Finals AM920 CKNX Information Country; May 2, 2011 (Online Article)
KDSS Kinetic Knights are second in the world Kincardine Times; May 2, 2011 (Online Article)
Knights Off to Robotics World Bayshore Broadcasting News Centre; April 25, 2011 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights plan fund-raising dinner April 21 Kincardine Times; April 16, 2011 (Online Article)
Kincardine Team at Worlds Bayshore Broadcasting News Centre; April 15, 2011 (Online Article)
Kincardine Robot Vying For World Title 101.7 The ONE; April 14, 2011 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights enjoy success in U.S.A Kincardine Independent; April 13, 2011 (Scan)
Knights robotics ranked 13th in world Kincardine News; April 12, 2011 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights bring home another medal... Kincardine Times; April 10, 2011 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights win gold in Toronto Kincardine Independent; April 6, 2011 (Scan)
Kinetic Knights qualify for world championships in St. Louis, Missouri Kincardine Times; April 5, 2011 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights heading to World Championships Kincardine News; April 5, 2011 (Online Article) (Scan)
Kinetic Knights win safety award at Waterloo Regional Kincardine Times; March 29, 2011 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights return from regional comp. Kincardine News; March 29, 2011 (Online Article) (Scan)
Kinetic Knights demonstrate future of KDSS robot Kincardine News; February 22, 2011 (Online Article) (Scan)
KDSS Kinetic Knights show what their robot can do Kincardine Times; February 20, 2011 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights getting into competition mode Kincardine News; February 15, 2011 (Online Article) (Scan)
Kinetic Knights to unveil new robot Feb. 17 Kincardine Times; February 11, 2011 (Online Article)



Four teams compete at FIRST Lego League tournament Kincardine Times; December 17, 2010 (Online Article)
KDSS Home & School BBQ Kincardine News; September 21, 2010 (Scan)
About 200 cars line downtown Kincardine.... Kincardine Times; June 26, 2010 (Online Article)
Hundreds gather for annual Multicultural Night Kincardine Times; May 12, 2010 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights Robotic Team assembles their champion Kincardine News; March 2010 (Online Article)



Lego League final results are in Kincardine News; November 28, 2009 (Online Article)
Living Snow Fence The Weather Network; May 9, 2009 (Video)
Living Snow Fence Global TV; May 9, 2009(Video)
Kinetic Knights receive prestigious award Kincardine News; April 2009 (Online Article)
Kinetic Knights gaining real world science knowledge Kincardine News; March 2009 (Online Article)
Engineering Inspiration Bruce Power Focus; 2009 (PDF)



Robot Challenge Held Kincardine News; April 19, 2006



GDCI to set up FIRST robotics program Goderich Signal-Star; September 24, 2003
Spirited Kinetic Knights team makes semi-finals in Houston Kincardine Independent; April 16, 2003
More than some assembly required Sun Times; date unknown
KDSS unveil Big Bruce II Kincardine Independent; February 26, 2003
Council Supports Robotics Team Kincardine News; February 19, 2003



Kinetic Knight Team ready for kickoff Kincardine News; December 25, 2002
KDSS robot ousted at Florida Event Sun Times; April 29, 2002
Kinetic Knights work as a team Kincardine News; April 10, 2002
Bruce Power What's New; February 22, 2002