We Have a Song!

Thanks to Darelle London, the Kinetic Knights now have their very own song. Be sure to support her because she supported us! The Kinetic Knights would also like to say thank you for her doing this, and it means a lot to every one of us.

2015 Greater Toronto East Regional

On March 12th,13th and 14th the Kinetic Knights robotics team 781 participated in the Greater Toronto Regional East robotics competition, hosted at the split UOIT-Durham College campus in Oshawa. The Knights pit crew arrived on the 12th to work on the robot and compete in practice matches. On the 13th, qualification matches were well on their way with the robot working in prime condition, as well our awards presenters being kept busy with questions.

The Woodie Flowers award is presented to one amazing mentor at every regional. Teams nominate one mentor from their team to be considered for this award and write a proposal explaining why their mentor should receive this honourable award. Team 781’s mentor, Pat O’Cain was the well deserving recipient of the Woodie Flowers award, which was presented by Woodie himself, a well known figure head in FIRST.  

On the 14th, the last qualification matches ran and alliances were picked by the top 8 ranked teams. Team 781, who were ranked 8th overall and were the 6th seed when picking, was happy to team up with W.AF.F.L.E.S, team 4476 and Les Aigles D’or, team 3387. The alliance played well in eliminations and made it to the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, the robot did not make it any further.

However, the team did not leave empty handed. In addition to the Woodie Flowers award, during the final award ceremonies, the team was called down to receive the Gracious Professionalism award, and was met with many high-fives along the way down the stands and walked to the sound of thunderous applause. This award is chosen based on reviews by peers and mentors on other teams as well as the judges and is given to a team that demonstrates good behaviour, positivity, helpfulness towards others, along with other things. The Kinetic Knights were very honoured to have received this award.

The team ended the event with a wonderful dinner at The Mandarin, and ice cream was eaten to celebrate. 

A Community Award

In February 2015, the Kinetic Knights were nominated for a Chamber of Commerce Community Achievement Award; the Enbridge Quality of Life Award. This award goes to a non-profit organization who has made an outstanding impact on the quality of life in the community. We are honored to be considered for this prestigious award. Representatives of the Team 781 will be attending the Chamber of Commerce Gala on March 21, 2015 to find out the outcome.

A Surprise Visitor

On Monday, March 2nd, 2015 after the full team meeting, a woman came into the Lake Huron Learning Center to give us some tips and motivation. Merri Macartney of Merrimac Marketing had come into a room full of keen listeners and blew us away with her knowledge about marketing. She had told us ways in how we can update our website by adding a ‘Donate’ button on the homepage. She had suggested we make a line of clothing for people who support our team as well as she would wear it all around town if she could. Merri has given us the opportunity to be on her local television show ‘Boomers to the Power of Three’ which is to get Baby Boomers knowledgeable about the world out there now. Lana Splettstosser will be featured on this show as well as the Woodie Flowers nominee, Pat O'Cain. 


2015 Woodie Flowers Nomination

During the Kinetic Knights open house on Saturday, February the 21st, Team 781  Knighted their Woodie Flowers nominee in front of parents, sponsors, and members of the community. 

Darby Watterworth and Greg Reid stood on the field proudly saying the speech in which would give our “Hall of Fame Mentor” recognition for all that he has done for us. The speech drew to a quick close when Greg exclaimed the words “If you see him be sure to give him a Pat on the back”. All eyes turned forward as Pat O’Cain’s face filled with light. He then went on to accept his nomination. Pat was very quick to send recognition towards the team and towards all those who have helped or supported the team, which assisted him get to where he is.

The Mentors Hall of Fame banner has been a team tradition for four years now containing some of Team 781’s prize mentors including Bev Fry, Bill Jackson, Lyle Semple and now Pat O’Cain. Every year when we announce the Woodie Flowers nominee we rip down the cords to expose the name that has been added to the banner. Unfortunately, things did not play out as well as they have in previous years. 

While Darby and Greg announced the winner of the Woodie Flowers award, the build crew was signalled to rip the cords and show off the new name. The tape which was only supposed to be somewhat holding the string to the banner, decided to stick to the banner and not allow the banner to fall. Well, with a little thinking and inspiration, alumnus Nikhil Deshpande had duct taped a box cutter onto a hockey stick, and with his safety glasses on and ready to go, he had cut the strings which unraveled the banner.

The crowd had cheered for Pat O’Cain and many wished him luck for the Greater Toronto East Regional where he will be going through the interviewing process. Hopefully, getting a shot at winning and going to the St. Louis, Missouri, World Championships to gain the Woodie Flowers title. Good luck Pat!