Social Networking

Social Networking

As a robotics team, the Kinetic Knights understand the importance of using technology to organize our team and to help build our outreach.


Connecting Within Our Team

Email is the team's main form of communication. In addition to having full team meetings each week, we also use different sites and programs to help manage and share information. These include:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Calendar
  • Team Facebook Group
  • Member's Corner (Located on our website)
  • Dropbox


Connecting Outside Our Team

The Kinetic Knights have continuously been building our web presence each year. Being one of the first teams to use the power of Twitter and Facebook, we have been able to grow our fan base to include people from all over the world including Canada, USA, Mexico, India, and the UK. Social networking methods our team uses include:

Each year the team tries out new social-networking programs to use. We give them a test run and then decided if we want to continue using it or not. It's important to test out several different kinds of communication programs, to see which ones work for our team and which ones don't.